About Us

Meet Our Team

Martin Samsel


Martin started writing when he was just a few years old, telling tales about strange imaginary animals his family kept as pets. He hasn’t stopped writing and dreaming since. 

He’s been writing in various forms throughout his life, which ultimately led him to self-publishing. He’s now a bestselling author writing under several pseudonyms to separate the various genres and niches he covers.

After working in the self-publishing industry for over 5 years, he decided to launch Publishing Parrot to help content creators publish books and spread their knowledge.

Martin is a sports junkie, lifelong learner, and an avid non-fiction reader. He has a dream to rewild the world and restore biodiversity by planting forests using the Miyawaki method. Publishing Parrot is one of his projects to help fund this dream—we dedicate a part of our profits to support this cause.

Kyle Keegan

Strategic Advisor

Kyle Keegan is a serial entrepreneur, economist and host of the Kill Bigger business radio show. As someone who has built more than 10 companies, he is passionate about building lasting businesses that provide tremendous value to customers.

Publishing Parrot was something that stuck out to him as extremely unique, yet filling a great need. Kyle jumped at the opportunity to serve in an advisory role with his friend Martin as he builds Publishing Parrot into a well known and respected company in the publishing industry.

Kyle currently lives in Houston, Texas with his wife Brittany. He is a weekly golfer, an avid reader and legitimately loves his radio show. Kyle and Brittany are planning to move to sunny Puerto Rico soon.

Bianka Cramblit

Business Development Manager

Bianka fostered her love for language, reading, and writing while studying English Literature at the University of Idaho and a two-semester study abroad stint at Universidad del Pais Vasco in Bilbao, Spain.

She always has a book in her bag and a cup of coffee in her hand. An avid traveler, she has called sunny Madrid her home for the past three years. Her hobbies include baking, yoga, and hiking. 

Karla Dimapindan

Sales Support

Karla has a vast experience with data analysis, business development, and sales. As a bibliophile, she loves spending time in the library or the bookstore.

She prefers the smell of a physical book over a digital format. Her favorite non-fiction genres are self-help and business. She also enjoys fiction. Aside from reading, she loves to paint and play with her dogs named Belgian and Kilo.

Jenna Cook

Content Creation Expert

Jenna Cook loves telling stories. Armed with a passion for expressing ideas through writing, she creates both snappy and long-form copy that communicates ideas effectively.
Since graduating from the Missouri School of Journalism, Jenna has worked as a marketer and copywriter. She excels at uncovering the big picture, and then crafting copy that resonates with readers.
Based in the Pacific Northwest, you can often find Jenna cooking spicy food, watching stand-up, and hiding from the rain.

Roxana Loomes

Copy Editor

Roxana is a skilled editor with over eight years of experience in the field of copy editing, structural editing, and proofreading. Her love for the English language makes her passionate about producing perfectly polished documents that can pass the highest grammar and linguistic standards.
She has experience working with self-publishing non-fiction authors, providing custom editing and research. She also curates and reviews lessons and practice tests for both self-directed and class learners at the high school and undergraduate levels.
Living in majestic British Columbia, Roxana loves hiking and the outdoors. She is also an avid reader and self-taught photographer. When stuck indoors, which happens often during Vancouver winters, she loves volunteering at the local animal shelter and spending time with Sammi, her cat and self-appointed editor in chief.