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About Publishing Parrot

Publishing Parrot helps content creators including bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers turn their existing content into high-quality books. Here’s how our services can help you:

  • Get a new product for sale and enjoy a new income stream.
  • Increase your following by entering a new market.
  • Spread the message about your work through a different medium.
  • Let your readers consume your content in a different way.
  • Strengthen your status as an expert in your industry.

Our services

Here's a step-by-step process showing how we can turn your content into a book.

#1: Discuss the book idea

Send us your idea for a book or ask us for our own ideas based on the provided content - your articles, podcast episodes, notes, videos, or anything else you have.

#2: Send us your content

Send us your blog posts, podcast episodes or any other material you have that you want turned into a book. Our top-notch writers will use these resources to write your book.

#3: Receive the first draft for review

When we're done writing the first draft, we'll send it to you for review. With Google Docs' "suggestion mode", you'll be able to easily add your comments.

#4: Your book is edited

When we finalize the manuscript, your book will be professionally edited and proofread to provide the best reading experience (it's an overlooked, but key step!).

#5: Your book is ready

You'll receive your book as a Google Docs document. The file will be ready for the next steps such as formatting your book for Kindle and print, audiobook narration, etc.

Add-Ons to Help You Publish Your Book

The 5-step process is our basic plan.
If you need anything else, we’re happy to help you with our selection of add-ons depending on your needs.
Take a look below:

Design your book cover

Need a book cover designed? We can create an eye-catching cover for Kindle, audiobook, paperback, and hardcover.

Format your book for e-book and print

Need your book formatted for Kindle or for print? We're happy to help make your book interior look beautiful.

Write a book description

Need an engaging book sales copy to use on your product page? We can write it for you to help you sell it.

Record an audiobook

Want to publish your book as an audiobook? We will find the right narrator and record a professional audiobook.

Can you help me with X?

If you have any other publishing needs or questions, we're always available and happy to help.

Why Should You
Turn Your Content Into a Book?

Make more money with little work involved​

Capitalize on your blog’s or podcast’s popularity to generate book royalties and sell your content in new formats, including a Kindle book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook.

Enter new markets

Turning your blog or podcast into a book will let you access new markets including Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and traditional bookstores.

Provide value to your followers

Your best blog posts or podcast episodes turned into a book can provide a lot of value to your loyal readers or listeners interested in the convenience of having all your best content in a single, structured book.

Diversify your traffic and income

A book creates a new traffic source and a new income stream for you. Nobody—bloggers and podcasters included—should put all their eggs in one basket.

Pricing Structure

Here’s our main “content to book” service. The price depends on the complexity of the project which depends on the type of source material you provide us and how much time it requires to consume the information and turn it into a book.

Standard Blog Articles Without Much Rewriting to a Book

When you provide a list of posts to turn into a book that don’t require heavy rewriting. Reach out to us to make sure your project meets this criteria. Price is per 1,000 words of finished book content, not source material.

$100/1,000 words
  • High-quality content
  • Professional editing
  • Professional proofreading

Blog Articles to Be Rewritten or a Mix of Content to a Book

When you provide a list of posts to turn into a book that require heavy rewriting OR if you provide a mix of blog articles, videos, audios, and other resources. Price is per 1,000 words of finished book content, not source material.

$150/1,000 words
  • High-quality content
  • Professional editing
  • Professional proofreading

Multimedia Content (Including Podcasts and Videos) to a Book

When you want to turn your podcast or video channel into a book or a mix of of resources in various formats, including audio, video, text, raw notes, etc. Price is per 1,000 words of finished book content, not source material.

$200/1,000 words
  • High-quality content
  • Professional editing
  • Professional proofreading

Minimum book length is 15,000 words.


Here are additional services we offer both in addition to our main “content to book” service as well as a standalone service if you already have the manuscript of your book ready for publication.

Book Cover Design

We all judge books by their covers. Make a great first impression by investing in an eye-catching professional cover design. This is THE most important difference between books that become successful and books that never sell more than a few copies.

$700 for a bundle of all four formats:

1. Kindle/ebook in 1800×2700 size

2. Audiobook cover in 2400×2400 size

3. KDP paperback with spine and back cover

4. IngramSpark hardcover with spine and back cover, no flaps 

Book Formatting

Making sure that your book is properly formatted means that it’s easier for your readers to read it. A professionally formatted ebook will work well on all major devices and e-book reading software. A professionally-designed print book will make your book look beautiful and give it a premium feel.

Ebook formatting (.mobi and .epub file)

$6 per 1,000 words

Print formatting (paperback or hardcover) per trim size

$15 per 1,000 words

Book Description

A well-written sales copy can encourage a person sitting on the fence to read your book. It isn’t always easy to write a captivating description for your book, which is why it makes sense to hire someone else to identify the book’s biggest selling points and summarize them in a punchy blurb.

$100 per description

Audiobook Production

In our busy world with so many people constantly on the go, audiobooks are the only way in which they can still get their fill of “reading.” An audiobook is no longer an optional format—even up to a half of your sales can come from audiobook listeners. Every author should offer their book in audio.

$50 per 1,000 recorded words for books between 15,000-30,000 words

$37 per 1,000 recorded words for books above 30,000 words

Why Work With Us?

We’re grateful for all the content creators sharing their experience with the world. Our mission is to help bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and other creators spread their message beyond their main platforms. We think your work deserves to be available as a book—a proven way to share information that has stood the test of time and is still a symbol of accomplishment for every creator.
By working with us, you save time and immense stress. Of course, nothing prevents you from publishing your book yourself, but what if you could not only save a lot of time and headaches but also publish a much more polished book? Wouldn’t it be worth it to invest in your book by working with professionals to make sure it matches the high quality of your blog, podcast, or video content?
What if your book never sees the light of day because you constantly put it off? As a successful content creator, there’s always something else that requires your attention. If you work with us, you can have your book ready for publication in weeks instead of “one day.” An excellent book can grow your business for years to come. The best time to publish a book is now.
Don’t forget about all the mental bandwidth required to learn about a new industry. There’s a lot that can go wrong if you don’t know how to navigate the confusing self-publishing world. We take the guesswork out of book publishing and make your life easier by assisting you with every single step. This is particularly important for creators who don’t have much experience with writing (podcasters or YouTubers) but still want to share their knowledge in a book format.
We’ll make sure that your book is polished and properly edited, which makes a world of difference for your readers. With our add-ons, such as a striking book cover, a beautifully designed print copy, or a professionally narrated audiobook, you’ll get a powerful asset to grow your brand. This will help you increase your visibility, gain more followers, and make more money. And your fans as well as strangers will love that they can learn from you by reading your book!

We're currently in beta.
Here's what it means for you...

We’ve recently launched and are currently operating the service in a beta version to optimize our processes. Yes, we might make some mistakes as we’re figuring things out. But that is part of making this company professional and perfect. Rest assured, your final product will be polished and ready for publication.

Our beta stage means a great opportunity for you!

In an effort to provide the best experience, we’re starting with a limited number of clients. Be a little bit more understanding as our little parrot learns how to fly in exchange for a very attractive discounted price.

Once we’re out of beta, our rates will go up, so if you want to get your book created for a lower price, hurry up and act now!


Here's what our clients think about Publishing Parrot.

We’re currently in beta, impatiently awaiting our first testimonial!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I retain rights to my content?

Yes, you retain full rights. Even if we heavily edit your posts or podcast episodes to repurpose them for a book, it’s still your content and we don’t claim any ownership over it.

Are you a book publisher?

We are not a publishing house—we offer publishing services. You’ll have full access to your own publishing accounts at Amazon KDP and other sites. Your book will be self-published by you.

How long will it take to turn my content into a book?

Depending on the target length of your book, it takes on average several weeks to go from existing, unpolished content, to a final book ready for publication.

How much does it cost?

Send us an email, share your idea with us, let us know if you need any add-ons, and we’ll prepare a quote for you. The price depends on the resources you send us (it takes less time to write a book based on well-written blog posts vs writing a book based on a combination of articles, videos, audios, etc.).

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